Millicent Noah

3 motives to play Call of Duty Black Ops in 3D

The franchise Call of Duty has managed over the years to deliver us some pretty good titles and for sure, Black Ops is one of them. Call of Duty Black Ops is a good game to play and it is actually a good game to play in 3D and for this statement I am going to give you 3 motives in this particular article.

Motive 1: Graphic engine and 3D

Black Ops is based on a heavily modified version of the graphic engine from World at War and has the same texture streaming technology seen in Modern Warfare 2. In this way, the player has at his disposal a more elaborate level of details, and also good light and shadow effect which can often leave you open-mouthed. The game has the ability to give the player an unprecedented experience in stereoscopic 3D on all gaming environments, namely PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which can only make players really happy. Basically, we have one of the most immersive and realistic games that the modern gamer, always avid for something new, can now enjoy.

Motive 2: The single player campaign

When the player starts to play with different characters, the player will experience the story from different perspectives. Bullet-time sequences of Modern Warfare 2 are back only with a small twist that I am going to let you discover it during the game. As many of you already know, every mission has a well established target and it will be visible on HUD campaign throughout the game, helping the player. Treyarch wanted to give a feeling closer to the real one, so they have asked for help from former CIA agents to make Black Ops an authentic experience.

Motive 3: Vehicles and weapons

If in Modern Warfare 2 you took the command of a fighter jet or an AC-130 or a mini-gun placed on a Jeep, taking the control of a vehicle was out of the question. Tryarch took heed and in Black Ops you can directly control a Heim helicopter or a Black Bird plain, an experience which is breathtaking especially in the case of a stealth aircraft. Besides the new concept, the control of vehicles, the game also has an impressive arsenal of weapons, including: M16, Famas, M14, FN Fal or Galil, and sniper weapons, among which we can try the classic Dragunoc, and an explosive crossbow arrow.

A s you can see Call of Duty Black Ops is indeed a good game to play, a game that most certainly will offer you a top gaming experience and a high-quality one if you play the game in 3D.